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Thank you for visiting Jim Harrison's Available Light Photography Gallery.
Welcome to my vision of nature's splendor of landscapes, waters, flora and
fauna, as well as mankind's structures and objects, both grand and

Please open the gallery to view a wide range of images that I hope will
engage your interest, imagination and enjoyment. This collection,
gathered over my lifetime and still growing, is arranged to view at your
leisure. Relax and absorb the beauty of creation at your own pace. "You
can see a lot, just by looking."

If you see one you love, it can be yours. All images are available for
purchase through the Available Light Store.

Please feel free to contact me with any of your questions or special needs.
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Jim Harrison
The apprentice sees the subject.
The journeyman sees the composition.
The master sees the light.
The map is not the territory
Alfred Korzybski